Visitor Information


Due to the nature of some of the museum exhibits, visitors who’s under 18-years old can only enter the Museum when supervised by their parents or consenting adults (but not their teachers or group leaders).

Group Visitors

No admission fees and no prior arrangement is needed. Group visitors of 25 people or more is required to notify us beforehand, so that proper arrangements can be made.

Picture Taking

Picture taking and/or video recording for the purpose of:
  • Personal use during visit is allowed at most parts of House of Sampoerna.
  • Special events, professional portfolios and/or commercial purpose must get prior approval from the management. Please contact Marketing Dept. min. 14 days prior to the photo/video session.
  • Management has the right to stop any persons from taking picture or conducting other forms of recording, without having to give further explanation.

SARI (Self AuthoRized Information)

Find other interesting unpublished stories about our collections by scanning the QR code located in various areas at the House of Sampoerna by downloading app for free and scanning the QR code.